Mark Vernimmen

Since 1988 an executive director with core strengths in M&A, Financial Management, Change Management, Developing Organization Capabilities and global HR management. More than 20 years of experience as a CEO or managing partner of medium sized to large companies, out of which 15 years on an international level.

Since 2004 he is advising shareholders and board members of companies on Corporate matters, developing new strategies, challenging their business plans and advising them on acquisitions and the funding of their businesses. He also actively promotes the implementation of Corporate Governance principles and is a member of advisory boards of large companies, different Cooperatives and SME's.

Specialties: HR Management (and more specifically headhunting for key functions), execution of projects in the area of the development and implementation of models, methodologies and tools in the field of M&A, Change management implementation, Intellectual capital calculation and accounting, learning & knowledge management and risk assessment.

As a volunteer he works together with Doctors of the World and is specifically involved in social projects realised on entrepreneurial level (such as implementing in African, South-American and Asian countries a free of charge payment system for migrants).